Why the Couch25K took me 9 months to complete

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……..Now What?

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  • Your agent has the contacts in the publishing industry and will be your cheerleader
  • Your publishing company will assign an editor who will work on your book with you. This will be someone highly experienced who knows the industry
  • It is an easier…

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  1. Use an editor that has been…

I wrote a coaching, poetry and children’s book

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Get to know what you need

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  1. Self awareness — understanding what you are saying to yourself is important. Where your thoughts are focussed, is where you…

Create lasting change that sticks

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Start with your to-do-list and end the day with the same

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An Activity to Find What Makes You Happy

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An activity to break through your own barriers

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Melanie Charles

Author, Artist and occasional leadership and career coach. Prev: Head of L&D. Now: Author of Windy Days Ahead and www.melaniecharles.me (@mellies.studio)

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